I’m No Damsel in Distress..!!!


It’s hard to be loathing and living in fear,

For I were, as if a frail artefact;

An epoch  in the history of mankind,

But it’s time that I take a leap and not resile;


And now I’d not fear of those,

For dissuading me from rising;

Who make me feel feeble,

As if I were a cliche in a pigeonhole;


For them I’d want to say,

I could stand for my own self;

I am not weak but a rebellion,

And I am not laid back nor am I muffled;


It”s time to build my own wings,

To confront Life’s incessant battles;

And I do not bother for a prince charming to salvage,

For I am, as gallant as him;


I’d never want to be an impostor,

And rather not be a dismay of my own;

But an excult of triump,

And be a reverent, encompassing the ordeals;


It’s time I do not be impeded,

As I am the undaunted and a courageous nerve;

For I am my own knight in shining armor,

And I’m no Damsel in Distress…!!








The College Blooms..!!

The transition from school to college life unfolds,

As the frenzy and joyous new found freedom contemplate,

Alas the hunch as the grownups has surfaced,

In the zenith of this glorious college days.!


Striding by the college gates,

With the Melange of excitement, nervousness and apprehension,

Intimidately scared of the seniors ragging,

And exhilaration of meeting new pals and professors.


Slipping into the whole trunk of fashionable clothes,

The Euphonious young guts falling for crushes and stomping by the college corridors,

Mass bunking of classes to absconding to canteens,

Mimicking of professors with pals outdoors.


The frantic last minute studies for externals,

And huddling up the photo copies of notes.

With a flair of drawing an art onto the benches,

To hoofing around the library sections.


Falling asleep during the class hours,

Finishing the huge pile of assignments and records.

Dribbling unto the college fest preparations,

And the anxiety during the campus placements.


Rolling up the sleeves for final project presentation,

To those unforgettable hangouts,birthday parties and trips to destinations,

Bidding Farewell’s so desolating,

As the fun-filled days of college will demise,


For these were the peerless memories with our crazy pals,

As if it were some uncanny emotion and unrelenting truth,

Now the college blooms have gone farfetched,

And yet the memory  is reminiscent and has perched still.!!




The Good Old School Days

Old school days have gone by the wind,

Long past I behold and commemorate,

Ever reviving and hauntingly melodious,

Of the first day of school to it’s reluctantly last.

Waking up early and partaking breakfast,

Polishing of shoes to galloping to school.

Merry good mornings to the Teachers,

Writing in assignments on time.

Turmoils when exams are near,

Twiddling of thumbs when results were out.

Grabbing the lunch boxes of a boon friend,

To jiggling, wiggling and giggling on a joke.

Unimpeachable and cute first crushes,

To stomping in dirt in the Physical training classes.

Endowed with venturesome outdoors and picnics,

Bidding adieu to the Teachers and pals erstwhile was grisly of all.

Jumbling up with laughter, happiness and grim,

Unflinching determination to win,

Clenching unto my fist;my old school days,

Coveting, ever to be gleeful again.!

Grandma’s In Heaven

It’s been a while; that you were amidst us all,

Your smile,your warmth and your touch so alluring,

And now we miss everything about you,

For we love you to the moon and back.

You held our tiny fingers and made us walk,

For the time’s we called you ‘Grandma’,

And the scrumptious recipes you made us all.

The love you gave us all these years,

For you were such a bountiful and a generous heart.

You were the bunch of wisdom and world’s apart,

And with all the kindness you overlooked our faults.

With a babbling and blathering on and a little twinkle in eyes,

Your presence filled the vacant spaces and now the grimness covers’ em all.

Your bed seems so desolating and your room so gloomy and calm,

For grandpa’s missing you with a teary-sunken eyes and a melancholy in heart.

And your love so pure and so eternal,

That our grieving hearts still ache with pain to think you’ve gone.

So blessed we feel having a grandma like you,

And we all love you, admire you, respect you and miss you.

You are so special to forget and goodbyes are not the end,

And you shall shine forever in our hearts,

For we know; that now you belong to heaven.!!

My Deep,Dark Fantasy Dreams…!!!

The dusky night rides down the sky,

And the gentle breeze from the windows making me fall asleep aside,

There arrives my scary dream,

As if I were tripping down the stairs apart,

The stairs seemed so dark and long,

As I trod them with my stumbling feet,

But it was too late and I slip back and lose it all.

And then unto my next dream I venture,

Of the crazy, beasty red-eyed black bull,

Trudging alongside our long grilled door and making a bellowing sound,

And I keep scampering around,

With my sweaty hands and trembling legs,

For there was a darn darkness around.

But then with the Dawn’s first light,

I escape those scary looming shadows,

And there comes mother and I said,

Oh! What a horrifying nightmare it was.

Cheers To Childhood

When I were a child everything seemed so beautiful and fascinating,

Gazing at the night sky; full of dazzling stars,

Watching the planes until they vanished and cleared the sky,

The air so fresh and the morning glories stand tall,

No worries, no stress and playing until dusk,

Petrified by the scary dark windows and shadows on wall,

Gulping those luscious chocolates and candies was it all,

Listening to the rhythm of the falling droplets of rain; making the paper boats and drowning ’em all.

Splurting of the bubbles so far so long,

Peek- a -boo was all that I played,

Swinging and sliding in the parks all day long.

Jigging and jogging off to school; down the dusty track,

The moon chasing our car as if it were escorting us all,

And now tat I wish that I’d never grew  up like Peterpan in Neverland,

For all these memories are the timeless treasures dwelling in my heart.

My Pen Of Thoughts

The day seems longer and  I keep longing,

To ask myself as if I were dreaming or chasing something,

As if my heart is yelling and screwing at me,

And then I stop and behold to see where am I,

There comes no answer and I try and try,

And all I know is the perplexed thoughts.

Was it all worth to be hustled and shoveled,

But still there comes no words nor thoughts,

Which makes me grilled and I just want to cross those skies so high,

For I know I dream of those beyond,

And my eyes so tired, my hands so cluttered,

That everything seems; now I should and must,

But my voice hassles and makes me cry,

I want to but I can’t, that makes me feel bedraggled,

And then I bout back and keep longing to dream.